On occasion, my blogbrother Bob and I have been known to interview each other.

We decided to do it again – to christen our new blogs.

Bob Interviews Jamie: The Three Word Edition

Q: What are three words that describe your childhood?

A: Puppies. Theatre. Imagination.

Q: Three words that describe you today?

A: Rumpled. Hopeful. Coffee.

Q: Three words you can’t stand?

A: Moist. Irregardless (which is not a word) and Panties.

Q: Three words you overuse?

A: Awesomesauce. Poodle. Seriously.

Q: Three words you love?

A: Fiddlesticks. Prometheus. Romantic.

Q: Three words that make you giggle?

A: Hogwash. Glue. – and now, Barn. (But only if you say it in Betsy’s moms voice)

Q: Three words that describe ME! (it’s always about me.)

A: Handsome. Clever. Silly.

Bonus questions:

Q: What will you be for Halloween?

A: The goal is still The Mario Princess. Let’s see if I have time to make that happen.

Q: Your masthead. Why all the gun-slingin’? Is it part of the “moxie?”

A: Not sure, really! I think they’re just fun props. And, of course, gun-slinging IS in my lineage.

Q: Make something in Microsoft paint that depicts your mood today:


3 responses to “Christening

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  2. It is NOT 5 yeat -so get back to work and stop blogging! Oh, wait…

    And irregardless, I love moist panties.

  3. Or, you know, yet.

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