Geja’s Cafe

Eric and I had a mystery date last night – As in, HE had a plan that I was not privy to.

After ten billion questions and me somehow getting convinced we were going to Dave and Busters, I found myself standing outside Geja’s – a fondue restaurant I have wanted to go to the entire time I’ve been in Chicago – and it was restaurant week, and the timing was perfect.



340 W. Armitage, Chicago, IL

The best fondue establishment in Chicago is Geja’s Cafe” – Chicago Tribune.

I have to imagine that the Tribune is right, because I can’t imagine a more wonderful dining experience than Gejas. From our amazing wine flight (featuring three different wines I remember enoying but can’t remember the names of) to the dimly-lit and intimate dining tables, everything was absolutely stellar. Our smart and sassy server was a pro and made sure we had everything we needed – and the food, oh the food… was marvelous.


You begin with a cheese fondue and a bowl of bread, apples, and grapes to dip into it.  The cheese is great, probably a blend of several cheeses actually – it has a little kick to it, and it’s divine.

Then, you choose your “entree” – basically, what kind of meat you want to dip. A pot of oil is brought to your table, as is a tray of meats and vegetables, and a plethora of dipping sauces.  You are quickly taught the rules – how long meats take to cook, and how many things to keep in the pot at a time to prevent the oil from getting too hot and splattering. Eric had the beef tenderloin and scallops, I had the chicken and scallops. We had a great time trying combinations of meats and vegetables – and learned that scallops can be tricky bastards when it comes to staying on a skewer. Also, a potato may have slipped away from us and met it’s death after too long in the boiling oil, but c’est la vie.

Nearly stuffed off meat, veggies, and wine, it was time for the dessert course – and we knew we were in for a treat when the server brought a fondue pot of chocolate, then set it on fire and toasted marshmallows for us in it. The flame goes down after a few minutes and you are left with bananas, strawberries, poundcake, melon, and pineapple to dip.  You wouldn’t think chocolate covered pineapple would be good, right? It’s astonishing. Though I’m a chocolate dipped banana girl, personally. The dessert course is matched with a port wine that is sweet and awesome.

I loved going to Gejas – it’s romantic and an adventure.



3 responses to “Geja’s Cafe

  1. Geja’s is the perfect date place. My former coworker recommended it highly 5 years ago or so, and Gator and I went. I ruined my pants with some of that hot oil, but enjoyed it a lot.

    Come over and share our newly acquired fondue pot! I can’t promise Geja’s, but I can promise tasty.

  2. Marni and I go every year on our anniversary. Awesome. And Brandon Ray actually wrote a play for New Leaf’s summerfest BASED ON three couples at Geja’s – all in different stages of their relationship. It’s kind of an amazing work. I really must publish the recording on our podcast…

  3. How have I never even heard of this place?
    Surprise dates are fun. I should plan one for Kris.

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